Portoroz spring fest baletanka
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Portoroz spring fest baletanka


Dear dance lovers, dear parents, contestants and all of you who respect the effort, the beauty of dance magic and the belief that we are doing something useful for our children. The Spring Fest Dance Festival has a great desire to present dance not only as a sporting discipline but also as an art, something that everyone from the youngest to the oldest enjoy, something that refines, fulfills and something that evokes a beautiful feeling in us. The goal of our dance festival is to promote young players, choreographers, spread new ideas and get to know each other. Every year our festival grows, we have had three clubs on the first, twelve on the second, and 20 dance clubs from Serbia, Croatia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro and Slovenia with over 1000 competitors on the third, and the number increases every year. The jury at the spring fest evaluating our competitors are eminent experts with many years of experience in ballet, physical culture, choreographers, educators ... We hope that each year our and your festival will be more numerous and of better quality, that we will there be more experienced, and our children happier with fond memories and many friendships.